Wednesday, November 7, 2012

      The song I chose is Through the Fire and the Flames made by Dragonforce. I chose this song because after listening to the lyrics multiple times, I saw a deeper meaning. Though the lyrics talk about hell a lot, what it is really saying is that, no matter how many problems one faces when trying to reach a goal they need to keep fighting. It also talks about fighting through life and the hardships that a person goes through. We can see that they are talking about fighting for their dreams in these lyrics:
On the wings of a DREAM so Far beyond reality
      They have dream, but the dream looks to be too far away, to the point it is beyond reality. However, they work hard in order to reach this goal. There is also some allusions in the song. In the beginning, they say:
On a cold winter of morning,
In the time before the light.
In flames of death's eternal reign,
We ride towards the fight
      This is an allusion to the Army and their saying that they run towards the fight and the terror, even though they know they are going into a place where many have passed away. They make another allusion, but to America and its military:
I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can,
For freedom of every man
      The seal represents the evil that is in the world. They want to break the curse because it will bring freedom to every man, or in other words, they want to defeat the evil in the world so everyone can have freedom.
      Like most songs, Through the Fire and the Flames has a chorus, which can be seen as Anaphora, since they say the same thing over and over again. The way it is preformed helps to since this band plays metal music. This type of music helps make the lyrics more intense and meaningful since metal music is usually dark. If someone were to just read the lyrics, without any music playing, it would not make a lot of sense. Thus, to fully understand the meaning of the lyrics, the song must be played in the background; otherwise it would not be the same.


  1. This is a very good analysis Bryan. You picked out key lyrics in the song, and broke them apart in ways that they make sense. I like the intro, where you state the obvious, then get in deeper. Your second paragraph is solid, but you create another paragraph under the lyrics when really it is a continuation of the previous. The rest is good, and you provide good intellect. Good job

  2. Good essay. I think it was a very interesting song to pic because usually people do not see the meaning in songs like this. You did great job identifying the meaning of the song.