Wednesday, October 31, 2012

22 May 1789,
      It is official now, the Revolution against our King has commenced. Even Father has taken arms with our friends and has gone off to fight against King Louis XIV. Mother and I wish Father comes home in one piece, for life without him would be very hard. I am not sure whether or not I should help the Revolutionaries. I feel an obligation of some sort due to the fact Father is participating. If I help, hopefully this war will end sooner. However, if I help, the patrols in the town would surely find out and have me executed. This truly is a time of hardships and difficult decisions. Next week I will be the age needed to fight in the war, which seems like the best option. Life in a country split in two would be very hard, so if I go and help Father, our friends, and the rest of the Revolutionaries, maybe life could go back to what is was like before Louis XIV had declared war. 
      Fighting seems like he best option for me. Currently, Mother and I have just enough food to care for both of us, yet I can see the prices going up more. If I were to fight, I would get a good pay for it as well as a decent amount of food. As good as all this seems, my life would be put on the line everyday. I am not even sure if we can win against a King, let alone against the nobles. Such talk like that would be considered treason. In fact, yesterday I saw someone killed on the street because of saying something similar. I have to go and eat dinner, but before I go, I must write down the major question which is:

Will I join the revolutionaries in hopes of defeating King Louis XIV?

      If anyone is to read this while I am away, ask yourself the same question and debate whether or not you will fight for your country. I think I have my answer, but I will still ponder it for a couple days since signups end in 3 days. Maybe, just maybe, when I go to fight, I will able to see Father, and he will be very proud of me, for fighting for my country.


  1. Bryan, that was really really good. I felt like I was reading an actual diary entry from a French revolutionary. Well done, bro

  2. Great job Bryan. Lovely as always.

  3. Really good job Bryan! I really enjoyed it. Seemed straight out of a best selling book. Nice job! :)