Wednesday, August 29, 2012

       In the time of ancient Greece, Myths and Mythology played an important role in everyday life. However, in today’s society, myths and mythology do not play such an influential role now that books and technology are popular. It is not surprising that mythology and myths were very important in Greece. They served the purpose of teaching lessons, religion, and for entertainment, like Hercules. As time went on, the importance and everyday use of myths and mythology from ancient Greece has decreased due to books and technology of modern society.
      The roles of myths in ancient Greece play similar roles as books do in modern society. Both were used or told almost every day, and both teach mankind similar concepts. However, myths are not told as often in present time as they were in Greece. Mythology has been affected the same way. However, over the centuries, myths and mythology lost importance to society because of the mass production of books. Many of these books that were printed had the myths written inside them, so the tradition of passing these myths on orally was not as important.’
      In today’s society, myths and mythology are not used by everyone or every day, but there are many who find mythology fun, exciting, and interesting, like Ms. Sweezey. In ancient Greece, myths were told to everyone, every day. They taught religion and of the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus to show their importance in life. Myths were also practiced to teach important lessons on life, death, family, and many more. An example is the myth of Hercules and the life lesson is that if one is consistent and steadfast, even facing against the odds, you can succed. The most important thing about Myths and why they were so important was that they tried to explain the unknown, like how things worked, how the earth was created, why are we here, and many more. Today, books are used in the same sense too. So overtime, myths did not disappear, but transformed or changed into books so reality, myths are used in every day society as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

      Hello world!, I'm Bryan R. and this blog as officially been created! Everyone in the class knows almost everything about me, so their is not much to say. I'm 15 years old, part of a family of four and I have no pets. My favorite sport is Tennis and I like to mess around and have fun!