Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Gods, we must have a council discussing Odysseus and his captivity on the island," said my father. Quickly  after the calling, the gods all assembled except for Poseidon, who was away to obtain his sacrifices. I started to speak first.
"We must let Odysseus leave the island, or at least we should try and help."
My father, brothers, and sisters all agreed with me except for my uncle, Poseidon. Since it was everyone versus one, I set off to find Telemachus. After I flew down and found Telemachus, I decided to transform into someone his father once new. As I entered his estate, he saw me and greeted me quickly.
"Come, come in stranger! You must have dinner with us before we talk!" said Telemachus.
"So be it," I said.
      After eating dinner, we discussed many issues, like why were there so many suitors in his estate, where did I come from, how did I know his father and many other subjects. In the end, before I took my leave, I said,
"Telemachus, if your father has not been seen and you have not heard if he has died, you must go and search for him."
"But there are so many suitors here, i am afraid that they will take my mother and everything that I own!"
"Well Telemachus, if you are half as good as your father was, you will go and search for him. Obtain a boat and a crew of twenty men. If you have gotten any courage or wisdom from me, you will go to Pylos and from there to Sparta. If you find out your father has died, return home and have a funeral. However, if he has not died, keep searching for him," I said.
      And with that, I left. As I flew back home, I knew I changed Telemachus. He is now smarter, stronger, and more courageous than ever before.
The Next Morning
"It is dawn and Telemachus has left already! It seems he has taken my words of wisdom to heart. I shall transform into the Mentor and go to him," I said.
      While Telemachus was in his council, I found a boat and crew that was perfect for our adventure to find his father, my friend.
"Mentor! The council has let me take the adventure to find my father, but they are not to fond of the idea," Telemachus said.
"No matter, let us get on the boat and take our leave," I said.
      After we got on the boat, I created a gust, which made our path to Pylos easier and quicker. The boat ride was long, but i was able to fly between Mt. Olympus and the boat. When we made it to Pylos, I mostly followed Telemachus because I did not want to inter fear that much. When we finally found Nestor, i did not speak much for most of this adventure, Telemachus would have to do most of the talking. I could only hope Telemachus knew what he was doing.

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